What if you had a choice? Between blocking ads and letting them through? Between blocking trackers and sharing information with companies you trust?

We want to empower you to make your choice. We think that it’s a freedom of choice that you deserve, especially on something as intimately personal as your phone.

Introducing Choice.

Choose Block Mode and we’ll protect your device and your data plan from as many ads and third-party trackers as possible. Both in your Apps and in Safari. We’ll even prevent sponsored posts from clogging many of your feeds. You can choose to use Been's Content Blocker for Safari or combine it with Been’s Personal VPN profile to protect your entire phone.

Please note that no VPN connection is required to block ads in Apps. No traffic is routed to our servers. Only DNS requests for ad and tracker domains ever hit our servers, to be discarded. The Block VPN profile tells your phone to discard requests from ad and tracker domains. The blocking is performed entirely on your device. No data is saved. Neither is any data saved when you use just the Safari Content Blocker. Block Mode maximizes your privacy.

Choose Earn Mode with a flip of our switch to start earning points. (We’re super excited to add to our bundle of rewards and prizes!) We’ll allow ads to reach you. And you'll let us know how you use your device. You don’t have to do a thing differently. You’ll share strictly non-personal information about how you use your device and your apps. Not all of your traffic is routed to our VPN at any given time. To see the limited set of data we collect, please see our Privacy Policy. We block malware and compress your data traffic as well. The values of the prizes may change from time to time, so please check the set of prizes and their values before you flip to Earn!

We think this is simply a better way.

Ads can be informative, and incredibly funny, touching, inspirational. But mobile ads rely so heavily on tracking you to target you that we think a better way is to give you a say. Having a say will help improve the relationship with companies that want you, especially if they don’t ask before they track you. Choice gives you that say.

Our personal data can produce fascinating insights into who we are, what we like, and what we do (perhaps even what we will do!). But as the technology used to study us gets smarter, we should have increasingly more say on who sees and collects our most personal information. Not less. And it all starts with a simple choice – to block and stay private, or to share and earn.

We’re trying something new.

What will your choice be?


Dave Yoon | LinkedIn
Sang Shin | LinkedIn